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Best Chicken Coop Kit With Run


Building a Chicken Coop Kit w/ Additional Modifications [/tps_title]

THIS below was the Video Tutorial

Diy Chicken Coop

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Perches are a fundamental component of all chicken coop designs as it is where your flightless friends get their forty winks-not in the nesting boxes like many people are resulted in believe! An ideal perch is 50mm and really should be made with your chickens fragile ft in mind. Anything too little or too large may cause your chickens to get sore feet and could lead to further foot problems. As most hens prefer to roost up high the perch should sit at least 45cm from the bottom.

If youre searching at chicken coop designs with multiple perches, they must be centered at different heights to greatly help replicate their environment, in the end we do wish our poultry domestic pets to be pleased!

The Safety of your chicken Coop

There large amount of predator out you will see hunt your chicken and the egg like older classical cartoon the wolf will be preying your chicken egg. attempting to harming your poultry lifestyle. Your chosen coop should also be fitted with appropriate sliding locks, bolts and padlocks, not really flimsy twist closes,  

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