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How to make an easy and adjustable tablet stand with 1 pallet slat // DIY

Hi peeps welcome back to MyATCtv So today I am going to show you you how to easily create a stand for your tablets. And the story behind that is the fact that the other day we offer two tablets to my kids, one for my son, one for my daughter And you know, all the time, they are trying to put the tablet in a different position but it doesn’t stay in place. So, I was looking at them and I said, “You know, I need to find something. Then, I went to a shop trying to find something. A stand, not very expensive, of course. And the first thing I saw was 1 for 20 bucks and I was like, aahh, it’s not what I was expecting. I was really expecting 5 bucks, even less. But, that was the first choice. Then after that, I moved to another place The same thing for 25 euros, so I said, “No, no, no, no.” You know what, I’m gonna find a solution, I’m gonna make it, as usual. (chuckles) Alright, so today I decided to show you an easy way to create your stand for your tablet, for you or even your kids And this is just coming from one piece of pallet wood.

It’s very easy. Alright, let’s go. I’m gonna show you. And before we start so I don’t forget. You’re gonna find a free plan in the video description below. And a link to the sponsor for this video, just above my head. Just right here. Alright, let’s go! And to create them, I’ve decided here to use some pallet slots. And the first step was to clean them a little bit with my planer, in order to reach the right thickness I wanted.

And now, time for the fun part. Drawing on the piece of pallet slot. I have to say that this part is very easy because the only thing you have to do is to take your tablet Put it on the piece of wood and take the measurements, exactly the same measurements. And as you can imagine, your stand should be much smaller than your tablet itself. So I will advise you here to trace a line in order to reduce the dimension by 30 percent. Then I am here, tracing a lot of lines in order to find the best pattern for this creation. And now I know exactly what I need to remove And in order to make the cut, I’ve decided here to use my scroll saw which was a little bit more precise than my jigsaw.

Then time to move to the router in order to round up the edges. As some of you know, I really like to use epoxy resins, so here, I decided to create some holes in order to insert the epoxy resins. And before adding the epoxy resin, I’ve decided here to use the tablet and to see if everything fits. And now, time to prepare the wood to insert the glow in the dark effect. Usually, I’m always mixing the powder with the epoxy before. But for this creation, I’ve decided to use first the clear epoxy resin, then adding the powder on top of it to see what it’s giving us. Then using my belt sander in order to smooth both sides Then here you are, with a nice stand for your tablets that can be used in the kitchen, in the bedroom, wherever you want.

And remember, if you want to make the same, I will be also providing a free plan for you at the ATC blog – link showing just above the screen. Alright, a very quick and easy one and I hope you like it as usual. So, if you would like to support us, feel free to share the video Especially, the small 1-minute recycle video that we are sharing, all the time every week with you To create awareness around refurbish and recycling As usual, Mr. ATC, thanks for watching and see you next time! .

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